No I haven’t forgotten. I’ve been away for a week, blah, blah. So what can I say?

1. I went through a phase of wearing green which went right up to my spectacle frames. It wasn’t deliberate, just that once I started I had to keep buying green ( a particular shade) so that it all matched. It got to the stage that the father of one of my students who came to see me for an extremely serious talk about a family tragedy greeted me with ‘Oh, you must be Mrs Fox, my daughter told me that you always wore green.’

2. I have been on a fisheries patrol flight in Greenland -part of an intensive week when I also played tennis and …

3. … piloted a small plane because I was learning to fly at the time.

4. During a short period of residence in Scotland when I had no job I volunteered as a hospital radio DJ. I have a feeling this is a particularly British phenomenon. An internal radio station where patients can have their music requests played. I did it so that I didn’t lose my ability to speak in public! Hospital radio DJs are the lowest of the low in the DJ pecking order I think. But I made some good friends there.

5. Family legend has it that I couldn’t speak English when I started school in England at the age of 5 but I learned it in about 3 months. This was because I was at home fulltime with my French mother. My father still has a reel to reel tape of me talking about a Punch and Judy puppet show we had in school in my heavily accented English.

Not sure who I can send this meme on to. May take another two weeks!