Next week I start a new English course for my colleagues here in CV2 to help in the globalisation process! From a practical point of view it is going to be very complicated to run as I have two or three distinct groups within the course with very different needs. One is a more advanced group where we are going to concentrate on presentations. I have pondered long on this and the only solution I can come up with is to divide the group into two and give one half a recording exercise (whether written, sound, pictures or video) while I interact with the other half.

I think the presentation half might benefit from live contact with other non-native speakers of English on a more or less regular basis. We start next Tuesday at 15.30 (13.30 GMT). I wondered whether Flashmeeting might be the best option regarding ease of use for live contact tho’ there won’t be many webcams in use.

The main question is what should they talk about. Here I need to be a little flexible in order to fit in with available opportunities but what I would like to work towards is that the presentation group work towards the production of several different ways of presenting our institution to the world in English. This means PPTs, narrated photo tours, texts, videos. So areas of discussion could include what do external visitors want to know about us? What is the best way of presenting such information? How do we get feedback on what we produce?

I work in a small adult education course centre offering vocational training in IT, accounts, languages and teamwork and leadership. We run quite a number of educational projects at all levels, internal, local, regional, national and international and so it would be interesting for my colleagues to be able to converse with people in a similar sort of organisation. I wonder if anyone could give me any leads?