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blended learning

Applying the BL definition

access-933139_1920Let’s see if I can apply the definition of blended learning I came up with in the previous post to a real case. The real case may or may not happen but it is a concrete proposal. I was asked to do some face to face training in a place that most governments of the world classify as a war zone. The topic; how to equip university students to get remote work projects given that …. they live in a war zone with few opportunities. I proposed to offer the 2 day training remotely instead. Continue reading “Applying the BL definition”


November in March

Alan November challenged us to think about his six key questions proposed as a way of assessing a teacher’s or a school’s use of technology as part of his keynote at the INTED conference in Valencia this morning. The idea was to challenge the 1000$ question about whether what you are doing is really transformational learning or are you just using a 1000$ pencil? Continue reading “November in March”

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