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Two interviews in a month

This morning I did a video interview in Danish about my use of educational blogs. This is the second time in less than a month that I have been interviewed on that topic. The first was by Niels Damgaard and today by eVisions, a private e-learning company here in Denmark. They were very kind and gave me the option of speaking in English but I think it is very arrogant of a resident foreigner like me not to use the language so I did both in Danish even though I can hardly bear to hear my British accent storming through on the recording. My recurrent nightmare would be to be interviewed by a TV station and end up with Danish subtitles which is what happens often on Danish TV when foreigners speak Danish. If ever there was a meme about my secret nightmare I think that would be it.


Introducing an institution to blogging

On Thursday I am going to return to an institution we visited just a couple of weeks ago in order to help them set up a blog to stimulate student interaction. A constant consideration is which blog service to recommend. In this case the target audience is not primarily language students and of course we live in Denmark. So an English language service is not necessarily a bonus. The blog market is also very dynamic so it is difficult to keep tabs on what is available. I may end up recommending even though I introduced them to elgg just two weeks ago. Is the potential for confusion outweighed by the potential benefits of a Danish user interface? You can get elgg in Norwgian (which is nearly Danish) but not in Danish as yet. I bet that within a year Danish will be available on elgg though. I am very conscious of the possibility of being seen as not consistent in my recommendations.

Blogs as a way of keeping in touch during work experience

I have had three sessions this week under the Experience based learning project and in two of those sessions, the idea of using blogs to help students keep in touch with each other while on extended periods of work experience has been mooted. In one institution I don’t think they have any LMS to start with while I don’t know what the LMS is of the second institution and whether it can be used for such a purpose. My idea is to use blogs but I know that there is concern about privacy and therefore I have to be able to offer them some filters (such as those available on elgg for example). I need to make some suggestions to them very soon so will be devoting more thinking time to this.

Video embed problems

I love the video you have lined up for us in week 6 and wanted to share it on my elgg community blog with the teachers I will be meeting over the next few weeks but I have great difficulty adding the embed code. (I do it and it disappears). So I’m trying here just to see if it works any better in WordPress.

But the same thing is happening here. Add the code, press save, video does not appear and code disappeared when you go back to the code.

I’ve learned that I should be putting the URL preceded by youtube=in square brackets but still it doesn’t show but at least the code I’ve added is not disappearing anymore. It’s still there when I go to code mode but it just doesn’t show the video.

Update: Now I have changed the video and it works!

Tags = categories

Having just made the rounds of many of the WordPress blogs for this evonline course I suddenly realised that here tags are categories. I thought categories were high level classifications and that each post would only be allocated to one of maybe up to six categories. But now I realise that one post can be allocated to more than one category and that therefore a category is a tag. Duh!

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