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CV2 Canteen counter

CV2 Canteen counter

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This morning I went round our building taking photographs. I have now uploaded them to my Flickr account and labelled a couple of them including this one. Perhaps you need to see the picture at Flickr to be able to see the labels but I thought they could be used in vocabulary exercises and I am going to see if I can’t get my students/colleagues to label the unlabelled ones and maybe take additional photos which they can then label.

Blogging from Flock

I am attempting to do all my week 2 homework and this is a blog post direct from Flock. It has been an easy process so far.

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Blogged with Flock

Another attempt to embed the video I really wanted to embed in the first place!

Workplace view


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Finally got round to taking a photo of the view from my desk today. I have added the photo to a map and added a couple of notes as well as doing my homework regarding the licence.


Still not very reflective but have just created a Suprglu page and added it to my blogroll for want of a better place to park it.

New Header

Changing the header was easy! OK I know that the picture can’t stand being expanded so much. But I’ll let it stand for a while. It’s an aerial photo of our house by the way.

Encrusted van

encrusted van
Originally uploaded by foxdenuk.

I now have two blogs primed to receive Flickr pictures, this one and my elgg blog. I have other places on the web to store private photos so Flickr is only used occasionally for work related pictures. The 50Mb limit might be a problem if I were to use it more often. The actual act of blogging from Flickr is very convenient once it is set up and the set-up process is quite simple.

Oh and by the way, the picture was of an old van which had been encrusted with jewellery as a marketing ploy by Pilgrim Jewellery who are doing very well here in Denmark. And I must admit I do like their style (both the jewellery and the marketing).

43 things not showing up here

I have now joined 43 things (and 43 places) and tried twice now to add my 43 things entries to this blog but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe it has something to do with the theme I chose, as mentioned in recent Yahoo group posts.

I was a bit stuck finding things to list in 43 things because most of my aims are private! I’m not convinced that such a general site can work though I understand the need for critical mass. I am much more interested in the University of Manitoba initiative to add a 43 things-like facility to its website for its students. That seems to me much more focused and much more likely to result in success as people really do get together.

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