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LAUNCH: design thinking for educators

I was taken by the idea of a student-friendly template for design thinking by John Spencer and have summarised it in an infographic created by Piktochart.

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Using Vocaroo
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A short recording about why Vocaroo is so useful in foreign language learning.

Foreign accents

Paint with words

This one is in honour of my mother who died this week. The last sentence is supposed to be a smile!

When I’m not working with teachers, I’m usually working with language learners and I think it is difficult to keep the motivation up because language learning is a long haul with few quick gains. Re-framing the language learning challenge as a triumph may have some benefits. I actually think that the quote is absolutely true on many levels, not least in the case for my mother for whom a foreign accent meant that she had moved from one country to another.

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Slideboom presentation created as a guest

How long does a slideboom presentation created as a guest last?

 [slideboom id=7743&w=425&h=370]

 [slideboom id=7743&w=425&h=370]

absolutely intercultural 54 +++ too many hugs +++ citizen diplomacy +++ immigrant stereotypes


We were very honoured to be asked to cover this year’s Intercultural Management Institute conference on the theme of intercultural relations. The Institute is part of the American University in Washington DC and holds an annual conference.

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Countries that I have visited

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Six drummers


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A taste of Europe

I didn’t make it this year but have had the Achill experience two years in a row. This week’s episode of Absolutely Intercultural does a fantastic job of giving a flavour of what this multicultural exercise is all about. Prior to going the first time I had great difficulty in visualising what I was letting myself in for but once I got there I realised what a tremendous expererience it was for all concerned even, or especially including those moments of straying outside your comfort zone which Stephen Manning talks about in another context.

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Two interviews in a month

This morning I did a video interview in Danish about my use of educational blogs. This is the second time in less than a month that I have been interviewed on that topic. The first was by Niels Damgaard and today by eVisions, a private e-learning company here in Denmark. They were very kind and gave me the option of speaking in English but I think it is very arrogant of a resident foreigner like me not to use the language so I did both in Danish even though I can hardly bear to hear my British accent storming through on the recording. My recurrent nightmare would be to be interviewed by a TV station and end up with Danish subtitles which is what happens often on Danish TV when foreigners speak Danish. If ever there was a meme about my secret nightmare I think that would be it.

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