Task 1. 1 Introduce yourself

Aim: To introduce yourself to and find out about the other participants on the course

Time: 20 minutes
Raised Hands

Part 1: Find out about your tutor

[Technical instructions for accessing the tutor profile]

Part 2: Create your own profile

[Technical instructions for creating your own profile]

  • Add the usual information about where you live, your work and a little about your life outside work.
  • Please also include one unusual fact about yourself.
  • You may also add a photo of yourself – which we recommend – and a webpage/blog if you have one. If you aren’t comfortable putting a photo of yourself, then please put a photo of something you want to represent you, anything at all. It’s better than the default image you will be given.
  • You can use your tutor’s profile [here] as an example.

Part 3: Look at your colleague’s profiles

Now take a look at your colleague’s profiles. Return several times during the week as more profiles are added.

Image: Public domain

Task 1. 1 Introduce yourself
Task 1.2 Welcome to my classroom
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