Task 1.2 Welcome to my classroom

Aim: To share your classroom  – and to learn to use a discussion forum

Time: 10-20 minutes


In this task, you are going to post a message to a Discussion Forum – the Discussion Forums are going to be our main form of communication on this course, so it’s important that we all know how to use them.

You are going to post a description and maybe a picture of your classroom. Follow these steps to complete the task:

1. Go to the DISCUSSION FORUMS section of Week 1. Click on the discussion forum called ‘My classroom’.

2. Take a look at the descriptions already posted there. Now describe your own classroom. How big is it? Does it have windows? What sort of equipment do you have? What do you love about it? What would make it better?

3. To post your description, click on the grey ‘Add a new discussion topic ‘ button (make sure you are in the first index page of this discussion forum for this, not in one of the messages already there), write about your own classroom, and click the grey ‘Post to forum’ button at the bottom.

4. Comment on or respond to at least one of the other classroom postings. To do this, first open the posting itself, then click on the ‘Reply’ link at the bottom, write your comment, and click on the grey ‘Post to forum’ button at the bottom to post. This way we will start to build up a number of ‘threads’ or responses to specific forum postings.

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