Task 1.4 Working guidelines

Aim: To negotiate a set of guidelines for effective online communication

Time: 45-60 minutes

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By this stage you will have got to know the other participants in our group a little more, and will be feeling more confident about using our learning space effectively. In this task we look at online learning, and ask you to agree on a set of guidelines to help this group work effectively together online for the duration of the course. Establishing these guidelines will also be useful for you to review the rules and expectations you have of your learners and how these are established.

Part 1: Research

For the first part of this task, you will need to do a little web research on netiquette.

1. Using a search engine (like Google) search for articles or guidelines on netiquette. Some key words that could be helpful to your search are:

netiquette; online behaviour policy; rules for online behaviour; discussion forum rules

2. Choose some rules which you agree with and think we should adopt for this course.

Part 2: Add one rule

For the second part of this task, you need to share your conclusions with the group. To do this, we are going to use a collaborative document that we can all contribute to and edit.

1. Post some comments to this shared document [link] briefly stating, with reasons, ONE RULE which seems to you to be the most important for effective online communication, and which you think our group should adopt during this course. Note that you should first read any other contributions about the topic that have been posted by your course colleagues – your comments/thoughts should acknowledge and take into account what you already see in the document. Everyone must try and add a different rule, which is why we’re asking you to look for several rules you like in Part 1 of the task. To add your contribution,  simply type your comments under what is already there, and remember to add your name! Choose a colour for your text so that it stands out from previous contributions.

Note that this task also gives you a chance to experiment with using a collaborative online document- we will be adding to and expanding our document collection as the course progresses.

2. Your tutor will post a summary of your guidelines to the same document at the end of Week1, so please ensure that you have posted your comments by then. You may then continue to comment on the guidelines in the wiki if you wish, but they will form the basis for our online work for the rest of this course.

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