Task 1.6 My identity

Aim: To build a deeper understanding of your own identity

Time:  30-45 minutes

Who do you bring into the classroom?

What is your identity?

You will be creating a mindmap that represents your different identities.

How would you describe yourself? Write down who you perceive yourself to be in various areas of life. Which groups, formal or informal, do you belong to? Here are a few examples of the different identities you might have:

  • Relationships – List all the different relationship roles that you have, such as sibling, child, grandchild, nephew, student, employee, friend, boyfriend, etc.
  • Cultural – List cultural aspects of your life like religion / faith, ethnicity, language, nationality, etc.

Important! Do not add anything you are not comfortable sharing with the group.

See your tutor’s mindmap below.The topics closest to the centre are the most important ones to Anne while the second tier of identities are less important.

AF Identities

This was created in Text2Mindmap with the following text:


Now upload your mindmap to the [My Identity forum] and share two stories:

  1. About when you felt especially proud to be associated with one of the identifiers you selected.
  2. Share a stereotype you have heard about one dimension of your identity that fails to describe you accurately by filling in the blanks: “I am (a/an) ____________ but I am NOT (a/an) _____________.”  An example may be “I am Swedish, but I am NOT blonde.”  As the week progresses go back to the forum and comment on at least two mindmaps to ask for clarification, express surprise or to notice any similarities you have noticed. How much or how little of your identity did you add to your profile in the first task this week?

Optional reading:


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