Task 1.7 Dimensions

Aim: To discover the implications of one specific cultural dimension

Time: 30-45 minutes

In the next unit we will be looking at what culture is and how it can be described. Culture is made of many different dimensions. You can read more about them here.

In this short task you are going to take a survey to find out where you stand on the individualism versus collectivism dimension and consider the implications this has for you in the classroom.

  1. Take the test here and save the results.
  2. Consider what the results would be if one of your students took the test (perhaps have in mind one specific student as you think about this).
  3. If you teach migrant classes in Europe then the most likely result is that you score more highly on the individualism scale while your students score closer to the collectivism end. What implications does this have for the way in which you organise the learning activities in your class?

You may want to talk about this during our chat.

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