Task 2.3 Tool: Dialogue

Aim: To learn how dialogue can be used as a tool for understanding

Time: 30 minutes

Did you know there was a difference between debate and dialogue?

Part 1: Background
In debates you are usually trying to score points off your opponent and win the debate, whereas in dialogue you are trying to build your own understanding by building bridges to the contribution made by the other person in the discussion.

Find out more about dialogue from these resources:

Part 2: Task
Now look back at some of the tasks on this course (eg Task 1.5) and see if you can identify a couple of good examples of dialogue and maybe also an example of where an approach more in tune with dialogue may have benefited the discussion. Are there any parts of the dialogue approach that you personally might find difficult? You do not have to post this anywhere, however you should make an explicit commitment to employ dialogic techniques in the rest of this course.

Optional additional resource

3½ minute Youtube video

Week 1

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Task 2.3 Tool: Dialogue
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