Task 2.5 Cultural models in class

Aim: To identify evidence of cultural models in your classroom

Time: 45-60 minutes

You can now use several of the artefacts you have created in this course so far in order to describe an incident in your classroom through an intercultural lens. This task is in two parts.

Part 1


  • your classroom description (Task 1.2)
  • your reaction to the British Council video (Task 1.5)
  • your description of yourself in a mindmap (Task 1.6)
  • what you have learned about cultural models (Task 2.2)
  • your reaction to an intercultural incident (Task 2.4)

Now think of an incident in your classroom or institution which you believe had an intercultural aspect. If you cannot retrieve an incident from your own experience then feel free to tell us about something a colleague has experienced or that you have heard about.

  • Prepare a brief account of the incident (length should be about the same as Task 2.4). Post that account in the incident forum.[link]
  • Prepare a couple of sentences explaining the intercultural aspects of the incident in terms of the iceberg, software or lens model of culture. Do not post this yet.

Part 2

You will read about intercultural incidents from  two of your colleagues and comment on their intercultural aspects.

A comments on B & C, B comments on C& D and so on until Z comments on A &B.

At the same time, you will read the comments on your own intercultural incident, reply as appropriate and in the end post the solution you prepared in Part 1.

Week 1

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Task 2.5 Cultural models in class
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