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Week 3 questions

How can you assess your cultural competence?

How can you improve your listening skills?

What effect do stereotypes have in the classroom?


Task 3.1 Do I stereotype?

Aim: To uncover your stereotypes

Time: 30 minutes


Task 3.2 Stereotypes

Aim: To explain what stereotypes are and their effect

Time: 45-60 minutes


Task 3.3 Stereotypes in the classroom

Aim: To consider examples of stereotyping in your classroom

Time: 30 minutes


Task 3.4 My classroom challenges

Aim: To identify the challenges you face in your classroom

Time: 60 minutes



Task 3. 5 Self assessment

Aim: To assess your intercultural competence and define what a culturally responsive teacher is

Time: 60 minutes


Task 3.6 Chat

Aim: To make plans for what you want to work on in the future

Time: 60 minutes