Task 3.2 Stereotypes

Aim: To explain what stereotypes are, where they come from and their effect

Time: 45-60 minutes (depends on how many of the links you follow)

Find out more about stereotypes in the classroom from this blog post.

Possible strategies relating to stereotypes include

  1. Being aware of stereotypes especially those that are likely to be in operation in your context.
  2. Being prepared to make your students aware of their use of stereotypes. eg by asking How do we know this is true?
  3. Being prepared to challenge the use of stereotypes by your students (difficult), in your materials and at an institutional level.

The post contains the following grid (read more about it here) which shows that anybody not falling in the upper right hand quadrant risks being a stereotype to us:

Can you add one or two examples of stereotypes relevant to your (teaching) context? There is no need to share this.


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