Task 3.4 My classroom challenges

Aim: To uncover several classroom challenges with an intercultural dimension

Time: 60 mins

As you have been exploring different aspects of intercultural communication over the last couple of weeks, you will have been thinking of what is going on in your classroom.

Now is the time to think about what aspect you want to make better.


You can increase student motivation through culturally responsive teaching. According to Wlodkowski (pdf) such a framework is built on four pillars:

Establishing inclusion: Creating a learning atmosphere in which learners and instructors feel respected by and connected to one another
Developing attitude: Creating a favorable disposition toward the learning experience through personal relevance and choice
Enhancing meaning: Creating challenging, thoughtful learning experiences that include learners’ perspectives and values
Engendering competence: Creating an understanding that learners are effective in learning something they value

Zaretta Hammond gives some ideas for making a classroom more culturally responsive in this blog post (but remember she is not referring to the adult ed classroom).


Review Tasks 1.2 (Welcome to my classroom), 1.7  (Dimensions) and 2.5 (Models in Class) to find areas that you may like to work on.


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