Task 1.3 Making email contact

Aim: To create your course email list and to contact tutor and course colleagues

Time: 5-10 minutes


In this task you are going to make contact with another person on the course. There are two parts to this task.

PART 1 – Find your contact

Look at the list below and find your name. You should make contact with the person BELOW you in the list. So A, you contact B. If you are the last person on the list, then you make contact with the first person on the list (so Z, please contact A). Before you make contact, check that they have completed their Profile and/or their My classroom forum posting (see Tasks 1.1 and 1.2). Read that information.

• Z

Find the email address of your designated course colleague by opening the participant list.

Part 2: Write your email

In your email:
•introduce yourself
•welcome the other person to the course
•comment on something you read about them in their Profile or their posting on the My classroom Forum.

When you are finished, send as normal.

Make sure you respond to any emails that you receive from your course colleague for this task. Please watch your email Spam/Junk tray – emails from new contacts may end up in there. If you haven’t heard back from your task partner by the end of this first week, please try contacting him/her again, to ensure that he/she has received your email. If still no response, let your tutor know. It will almost certainly be a case of emails being blocked by spam filters, and we need to identify and remedy that early in the course.

Have fun finding out a bit more about each other!

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